Thursday, February 19, 2009

28-12-2008 Mr Liew.W.C & Angie Yong.Y.Y Wedding Day

Thank you Mr Liew And Ms Angie give me a change to let me shoot your wedding day! the wedding was on 28-12-2008 last year,im very sorry coz late post it the photo here! Below was the wedding day picture and will post in the dinner asap too! Wishing Mr Liew & Ms Angie all the best and God Bless You two!

Wishing you two all the best and thanks!

God Bless You Two!!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

07-02-2009 Wedding Photo-Ling.h.l & Wong.L.H

This wedding shoot was on 07-02-2009 at miri sarawak.That wedding was my cousin wedding! Unluckily tat im cant shoot his wife site makeup, anyway i try to shoot my cousin site.... cant believe tat i shoot a lot of the photo there site! Show some pic here and wishing my cousin and his wife all the best in the life and God Bless You all!!!! Gambateh Boy!!!!!!!