Friday, September 25, 2009

Kenny & Cindy's Wedding Day

I travel to Ipoh on 08-09-2009 attending a old friend (MR Kenny & MS Cindy) wedding which i know him very very much when he is working at Sandakan last time... Just a shortly time he at Sandakan then leave us going to Singapore. Finally he step up and upgrade to be husband...... Im so happy can be his Photographer that day and very enjoy their 090909 Engagement Registration also 10092009 wedding day & wedding dinner night. 090909 is very meaningful day to those chooice the day to wedding.It means Forever And Ever we love each other!Like God Love us! Here i like to Congratulation to them again love each other forever and ever & also May God Blessing them! here is some photo to share with u all...just a part only, will be upload it soon....!Thx and God Bless to all of you!

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